Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stephanie's Ratio Homework.

heeeeeeeeey guuuuuuys :)

So last math class we had to do these questions in the math book. Then Mr. Harbeck told us to pick questions. I picked 12 and 13.

Question 12:
In a class of 32, there are 24 girls.
a) What is the boys to total students ratio?
- The boys to total students would be 8 to 32.The word ratio to that would be girls to total. If I were to simplify it I would 8/2=4 then 32/2=16.
b) What is the girls to boys ratio?
- The girls to boys ratio is 24:8. If I were to put it in a word ratio it would be girls to boys. If I simplify it , it would be 12:4.

Question 13:
A soccer team played 28 games and won 4 out of 7 games. There were no tied games.
a) How many games did they lose?
- The team lost 12 games,
b) What was the teams win-loss ratio?
- If they played 28 games they won 28-12 or 16 games or the 16 games. The ratio 16:12 is the same to 4:3
c) If this trend continues, how many losses would you expect the team to have once they have won 20 games?
- The team would have 15 losses

I have a feeling the answers are wrong :S ... But I tried :)



  1. Good Job Stephanie! I liked how the post is very colorful! And You explained the answer clearly. Anyways Good job Stephanie!

  2. Your post was good and colourful, you did a great job

  3. good job everything is well explained but it would be better if you show or tell us how you got your answers


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