Friday, October 30, 2009

Telisa's Graphing, October 30,2009


Sorry for this being so late

These are the definitions for the different types of graphs that we have used...
Legend * Heading, Definition, Explanation *

Bar Graph - Are best for comparing data across categories.

Double Bar Graph - Are best for comparing two sets of data.

Circle Graph - Are best used for comparing categories to the whole using percents ( % )

Line graph - Are best for showing changes in data over time.

Pictograph - are best for comparing data that can easily counted and represented using symbols.

~~~~~~~~~~ Other Definition's

Interval - The spread between the smallest and the largest number in a set of data.

Trend - The general direction that a line graph is going ( ex . Increasing / Decreasing)

Distort - means to change the appearance or twist the meaning of something in a way that is misleading. ( a break in the y axis represented by * ≥ * means that the length of the axis has been shortened)

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  1. good job explaining it..could add more colours to make important detail stand out..


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