Monday, October 12, 2009

Gordon's Coin Math Oct 12/09

So we need to chose two questions about this jar of coins from a list of questions and answer them so here I go.

1. If you put one coin in a day how many days untill the jar is filled?

Well we know there is $100 in the jar now and thats not completely full but for the purpose of this question lets say $100 fills the jar everytime.

Pennies - 10,000 days
Nickles - 2,000 days
Dimes - 1,000 days
Quarters - 400 days
Lonnies - 100 days
Tonnies - 50 days

Now this jar is filled with American money but i felt the need to put every coin we have in canada.

2. Compared to your estimate how close were you to the $100?

Well based on the picture I felt there was about $60-75 in the jar only about $25 off from the correct amount of $100.

And those are the questions i chose to answer I hope they were informant and thank you for reading my blog, don't forget to comment.


  1. Nice post Gordon , I liked how you explained your work , but you should have added some colour to your font .

    Good Job !

  2. well explained,but it would be better to tell us how you get the answers for no.1

  3. great job gordywordy, some colour would have made it more eye catching

    and as althea said, no1 could have used more explanation


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