Monday, October 12, 2009

Jecelyn's coin math

Okay this is what's happening Harbeck told us to do this coin math. So here is my blog :

My red question is: Does it matter how many pennies are in the jar?

Well I think it does matter because if you don't know how much pennies are in the jar how would u know the total of all the coins.

My blue question is: How full is the jar?

To me the jar is 75% full or 3/4 because I divided it up in 4 groups and it is not filled up to the top.

My purple question is: How much money is in half a jar?

Okay this question got me thinking. I was thinking does that mean when it's full or they was it is in the picture. So if it is a full jar with $100 you just divide 100 by 2 so you get $50.
But when you have 75% of the jar full well lets just say there is $75 right you divide that by 2 so you get 37.5 . So I am guessing that point 5 is 5 cents.
Part 2

How long will it take to fill a jar if you put in one coin each day and your started on Jan 1

Sorry it's kinda small so okay.

Since there is 365 days in a year. you would drop one coin in everyday.
You would finish on January 6th 2011 and you would have 5 coins left over



  1. good job!for the red question i really like your answer that you won't know the total of the money if you don't know how many pennies there are.

  2. i like post of yours

    but it it not accurate enough for leap year
    you left space at the end
    and you should have explained how you got the year and date and stuff for the dropping of the coins


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