Monday, October 12, 2009

Karra's Coin Math October , 13, 2009

For our homeowrk we had to pick 2 questions.
The questions i choose are:

1. Does it matter how many pennies there are in a jar?

To me it does matter because you can compare the pennies by the total of all the money in the jar. Total of coins in the jar are 100 so If there are 100 coins, there are proabably 1/4 of pennies in the jar.

2. How full is the jar?

I think the jar is 75% full or 3/4. I divided it in 4 groups and it's not filled up to the top.

Sorry i forgot how to put a picture. (:

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Part 2

1. How full was the jar?

I think the Canadian jar is 1/4 because 1,280 is 3/4 so then i divided 1,280 by 4 . Then i got 320. So i think the jar is 1/4 full.

2. How long would it take to fill the jar if you put one coin each day?
You have to start on January 1st, 2010.

-If your using 1 cent i think it would take 27 years or 118 days because i divide 100 by 0.01 and the amount was 10,000 days.Then I divide 10,000 by 366 days per year.
The year would be January 1, 2010 to April 28, 2037.

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  1. hi karra, you had some spelling mistakes

    for number 2, you could have explained how you would get the answer with other coins and show the leap years

  2. i like the way you explained part 2 question no.2 becaue you explained us how you got your answers.


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