Monday, October 12, 2009

BrendanM scribe post coin math .

Hi everyone . In math we had to pick 2 questions about coin math ..

1)What graph would be the best to display the data?

Bar graph , because its easier to represent this kind of data because it shows accurate results [the amount of pennies or nickel are in the coin jar... This graph is a easier way to organize this type of data given .

2)What is the total holding capacity of the jar?

My prediction is 3 quarters full .. Because nickels and quarters take up more space than pennies and dimes . For example , nickels have a bigger volume than a penny. So both nickel and quarter take a large amount of volume than a penny or dime.

PLEASE COMMENT!! (: and please say if anything is incorrect or doesn't seem right to you (:


  1. well done!well explained,but it would be better if you show us a diagram to make it more easy to understand

  2. nice job brendan

    more colour
    1337 explanations
    and some diagrams to help understand


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