Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BOB, Jennifer 8-16 Graphing

Hello Everyone! Today in Math class, we corrected our self assessments. I had 18 out of 25. Mr.Harbeck told us that if we wanted to get bonus marks, we have to do a post saying three things that I know about graphing and What I know now, that could have improve my test.

One Thing I know about graphing is that graphs are a great way to organize data in many ways! For example, if you are doing a stock market, you want to know what had change
throughout the week. So you use a line graph to represent that data.

The Second Thing I know about graphing is that there are many types of graphs that can represent in different ways such as a Bar Graph, Line Graph,Pictograph, Circle Graph,Double Bar Graphs, Pie Graphs, And Double Line Graphs. Those are some of the types that people mostly use when it comes to graphing.

And Thirdly, Graphs can be misrepresented. It means if you want something to stand out of making something bigger than it is. Like you can break the y-axis and mess around with the intervals or distort the size like making all the bars the same except for one that is a fat bar. Or you can add pictures into a graph to make it stand out even more.

Always have a tittle and a label for every each of the graph.

Now for that part what I know now but could have done to improve my test.
What I could have done better is that I should explain the conclusion more clearly and explain the result instead of explaining what I have done. Plus I should have explain why I had done this too.

Please Comment Once Finishing Reading! Thanks!


  1. wow jennifer thats kinda wierd when you put a scribe post up and its not in the first cloumn but anyway nice post, you represented the data clearly and lots of color too! But nice use of telling how you do it and how you show it but good job keep it up ^^

  2. i really like your scribe post you gave an example for each of the things you know about graphing. but it would be better if you explained where can you use each of the graph.
    good job anyways

  3. Hi

    Its Mr Montgomery from Australia here.

    I am very impressed with the quality of your blog posts.

    They are a great model for my year 8s


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