Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BOB Gordon 8-16 Graphing

Three things i know about graphing
1. All graphs need labels one for the graph and one for each axis.
2. The numbers on the y-axis must go up by a constant amount.
3. The x-axis does not change.
Somethings I could do to improve my assessment are
1. I could have colored my graph.
2. I could have put labels.
3. I could have explained why I misrepresented the data.

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  1. Well Done Gordon! I liked how you explained about graphing very clearly! But next time, you should add some color to your post to make it stand out more. Again Well Done!

    ~Jennifer :]

  2. is that the only thing you know about graphing?
    what about the different types of graphs and also misrepresenting the graph?..

    good job anyways

  3. please explain what you know more in detail and what you want to know


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