Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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In math today we had to do homework about what we know what to do in graphing ,

1) ALWAYS have intervals on the x-axis and the y-axis .

2) Both x and y axis need a label

3) You always need a title

What would I improve on my assessment is color the bars in my graph and also make a better paragraph.

PLEASE COMMENT !! (: And thank you for reading my scribe . -Brendan


  1. Cool post, and good detail :D.

  2. what about the different types of graphs and misrepresenting the graph?..you mean always have a label on x and y axis .(not intervals)

    good job anyways

  3. great job brendan! on 1), intervals is only on the y axis. on the x axis it's called a label.. but i'm not sure.. as althea said good job !

  4. great job on the blog, nice and short but some detail could have been included

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