Monday, October 5, 2009

Four Fours, October 5

During class today, Mr. Harbeck was showing us a story about a man who found out that with the number four, you can make all 9 digits and 0. But also with only using 4 fours. As in 44 is using 2 fours while 4 is using 1 four. Then we were asked a formula for 2. 2 different students gave their answers to Mr. Harbeck. The formulas that were given were:

We were asked to find out these show the same meaning but show it in a different way. The difference between these 2 equations is the mathematical sign. In the first formula, I showed the division sign as a "-" to represent 4 over plus 4 over 4 equals 2. But in the second formula, I showed the division sign as a line between 2 dots. The second formulas mathematical sign is actually a representation of the first formula sign. The dots represents numbers and the line represents divided by.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope that you enjoyed it and will comment.

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  1. good job! bec. you used a picture to make it easier to understand


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