Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BOB, Tamika 8-16,graph

Three things I know about graphing:

- You need to make a chart with a Y axis and a X axis.
- You have to have intervals on the Y axis that go up by the same amount each time.
- There are many types of graphs.
e.g. bar, line, double bar, double line.

What I know now that would improve me test:

- I could of colored the bars or shaded them in.
- I should have put titles on both the graphs.
- I could of explained my paragraph better and put more information.


  1. Hi

    Its Mr Montgomery from Australia here.

    I am very impressed with the quality of your blog posts.

    They are a great model for my year 8s

  2. great job tamika, i dont understand the picture and you coulda used more detail


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