Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Laura + BOB=Graphing ♥

Hi everyone!

Here are 3 things that I know about graphing:

1) Graphs can be distorted.

ex: You can put a break in the y axis.

2) Every graph has to have a Title.

ex: "Rolling Dice" The title goes at the top of the graph.

3) There are many different types of graphs.

bar graph
line graph
circle graph
double bar graph
double line graph

One thing I would have done differently on my assessment is change the intervals on my distorted graph. I didn't really make it distorted, so it looked the same as my original graph.

Thank you for reading my post!

~Laura :)


  1. good job! it looks like you learned alot about graphing. you could add a picture to show them what it looks like.

  2. Thanks Althea! I'm going to add a picture, I also think it will help. Thanks again for the comment!

    ~Laura :)

  3. Hi

    Its Mr Montgomery from Australia here.

    I am very impressed with the quality of your blog posts.

    They are a great model for my year 8s

  4. very nicely explained laura, great colour and picture


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