Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dice Rolls Graph October 2

On Friday, Mr. H gave us an assignment for rolling dice. On the assignment we had to organize data, show data, and misrepresent data. We also had to give a conclusion for each graph. For graph 1 we had to give a normal conclusion on what it represents. For the second graph, the one we had to misrepresent, we had to explain how and why we misrepresented it.

For organizing data, I did it 2 different ways.



For the name and room just put your name and room.

The front side is the side you have to draw your graphs on. The first graph must be a graph with no misrepresented data. For example, I chose a line graph because it was best for showing data over time, like 15 dice rolls.

My conclusion for this graph is:
I chose a line graph because I thought it would be best for showing changes overtime. The conclusion for this graph is that the sun seems to always be around 8 or 9 and always seems to shift from up to down except in 1 case. The actual basis of this data is completely random because it all depends on dice rolls, which you can not control.

For the misrepresented graph, I used a bar graph because I decided to group the numbers so that it does not take up as much space as it would normally.

My conclusion for this graph was:
I chose a bar graph because I was only displaying 2 pieces of data. I misrepresented the data on the graph by using a break and increasing the size of the 7-12 bar. I did this so that the 7-12 graph appears huge and fat compared to the 1-6 bar.

I hope that you enjoyed my blog.



  1. ty for showing me the homework ty! ronny! so yeah good job putting the blog nice and neat and stuff a circle graph would be better then a line graph but its ok ty!

  2. good job ronny, but deniel is right about the circle graph being better because you only have 2 bars on your bar graph. but overall good job.

  3. wow! it looks like you put a lot of effort in it.
    great job


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