Monday, October 5, 2009

bruce's scribepost, the four 4s

Hi guys,

Today Mr.harbeck told us to state how (4+4) + (4+4)=2 is the same as 4/4 + 4/4+2.

My thoeryis that the 4+4 part and the 4/4 part each represent a whole. So which means that if you were to double each of them it would equal 2 wholes. So that's why we have 2 as the answer because it represents 2 wholes.

e.g. (4+4) = 1 whole
(4+4) = 1 whole
1 whole + 1 whole is 2 wholes.

4/4 = 1 whole (because 4 quarters would equal 1 whole)
4/4 = 1 whole
1 whole + 1 whole is 2 wholes

That's what I think makes this 2 statements the same.


  1. hi bruce, this is Jeric or Equian. I like the way you wrote your statements and I am on your side on that. The only thing im concerned about is the (4+4) thing ... shouldnt it be 4/4 (divided) and one spelling mistake which is the theory thing. Anyways good blog bruce it actually makes sense too me :D


    I like how you explained things and made it easy to read. The only thing that I think you might want to change is where you wrote that 4+4=1. Don't get me wrong, I know that you know it equals 8. Maybe you just copied it down wrong in math class. Anyways, it should be 4 divided by 4.

    Again, GOOD JOB!

    ~Laura :)

  3. good job! good it was well exlpained.but next time you should double check your work.
    well done

  4. Good job!!
    you explained everything really good!! (: good job!

  5. good job bruce, you could have used a picture and different colours


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