Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BOB, Althea's Scribepost, Oct. 6/09

Today Mr. Harbeck wants us to tell give him 3 things what we know about graphing and what we could improve on.

The 3 things i know about graphing is that:

- You can use different graphs like circle graph, pictograph graph, bargraph graph, double bar graph, line graph, and double line graph.

These are the common graphs we use:

a.)circle graph- it means that circle is divided into a sectors. The percentage of the circle should equals to 100.
b.)pictograph graph- it means a picture representing a word or an idea.
c.)bar graph-it is an excellent way to show results that are one time, that aren't continuous .
d.)line graph-it is most useful in displaying data or information that changes continuously over time. It means that it is really good of showing when something is improving or the changes of something.

-The other thing I know about graphing is you can misrepresent it by shortening the y-axis, make the bars bigger, and you can distort the visuals.

-The last thing i know is that you can use a tally chart for organizing a data.

What i could improve in my test is that:

-I should use a tally chart for organizing the data.
-also add up the numbers so that I know that I used all the numbers.


  1. WOW! Nice definitions, NICE pictures! And well explained.

  2. Hi

    Its Mr Montgomery from Australia here.

    I am very impressed with the quality of your blog posts.

    They are a great model for my year 8s

  3. ahh dancing machine!

    I am in awe by your amazing definitions and detail althea


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