Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

On December 11,2009, me and a few others went to Winnipeg Harvest

There, we met a man named Richard. He was and awesome guy. He showed us what people did in every part of the building, and told us a few jokes on the way.

The first thing he showed us was this map. It showed us all of the Winnipeg Harvest food banks in Winnipeg. He told us how they need to try and have as much as possible so people who need the food the most can get it easily.

Soon, he showed us what people did there.

He told us about the various people who have worked and volunteered there. He also showed how they sorted all of the donated food. .He also showed how they got all the canned , bottled and broken boxed food. People usually don't buy these even though they are perfectly fine. He then brought us to the freezer which had refrigerated food that they rarely got.

Eventually, we started to do some work. Earlier, we found out that together, we all weighed about 700 lbs. He challenged us to do more than our weight. We sorted the good and bad potatoes and onions. We worked for about an hour. In the end, we sorted at least 1000 lbs of potatoes. This was enough to help 110 families.

Richard congratulated and thanked us for all of our help. He repaid us by treating us with hot chocolate, candy and some chocolate muffins.

After helping them out I felt really good. I felt like I actually did something for our world.Overall, we had an awesome day.

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