Monday, December 7, 2009

Jomari,Warren, Bruce, and Gordon's Pay it Forward

Part 1
What is "Pay it Forward". To complete this part please edit and revise the paragraphs that you wrote after watching the movie.

This movie taught me a few things. I learned that we can't do much by ourselves. We need to encourage people to help our world out and tell others to do the same. If we all do little things to make the world better, everyone will be happy. We all need to do a little bit of extra work and put others before us. If we can all do our part, our world would be exactly the way we want it to be.

Part 2
What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
My group's act of kindness was to give some cards out to people.

Why did you choose this activity?
We chose this because we wanted to make some people happy. We just wanted to make their day. We wanted to try to make them do some simple things to help others out. If any of these people took some time to appreciate what we did, they will probably help out some others who will do the same.
Who did you help?
We helped a few people who we didn't see in personally, but I think we changed the way they will think of others for a while.
What did you do?
We were kind of shy when we were giving the cards, so we just put them in peoples mailboxes and on their car windshields.
When did you do you act of kindness?
We decided to do this act of kindness on Monday, December 7

Part 3
How did your act of kindness go?
Our act of kindness went awesome. We did exactly what we wanted to do and everybody in our group helped out.
What Happened?
We went around during lunch just giving cards to some houses.
How did you feel?
I felt really good after doing my act of kindness. It feels really good to help people. Helping is it's own reward.
How did the person or people react?
We only gave one card personally. We gave this card to the girl at Ashcroft. She was surprised because she was not expecting anything like this to happen. Judging from the smile on her face, she was also very happy.
Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?
In the card, we asked her to try and help someone else out.
How did they react to your request?
We weren't there to see her open the card, but she probably wanted to help others in return to all the things other people did for her.
If you did not ask the person to "Pay It Forward" how come?

Part 4
Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?
The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because many people, in our current world, need help. If people ''pay it forward'' less people will need that help. If everybody in our world did something to make a difference, our whole world would be near-perfect.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?

I think that my act of kindness has made a sma
ll difference, but has lots of potential. By doing something small to help others, they will be encouraged more than by just asking them to make a difference. By doing something small like my group did, others will want to help others more. If people actually try to help people out, than we have made more of a difference than we would have ever thought of.

Now think about how our world would be if we all helped someone out. Remember to PAY IT FORWARD!

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  1. Good job on your pay it forward. Descriptive and has lots of pictures.


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