Monday, December 7, 2009

Althea’s Pay it Forward

Hi everyone!

Part 1:

Pay it forward to me is like when you help or do something good to somebody and the way to pay you back is that they have to do nice things to others. Doing nice things to our environment and to other is making a good difference to do world. One example of that is the movie we watched, it's a bout a kid name Trevor doing a project about how would you make a difference. What he did is he did some nice things to his teacher, his mom, the kid who gets bully a lot and the poor guy. Then the people shouldn't pay him back what they have to do is they have to helped or should do nice things to 3 people. Making a difference makes someone's life better or good.

Part 2:

The active kindness that me and Carla did was to mop the whole floor in St. Edwards Church. The other one was making a Christmas card to give it to the neighbors.

We chose this active kindness is because to make our environment clean and to make others happy or make them smile this Christmas.

Me and Carla helped my dad clean the church because he does it by himself every day except Thursday. We also helped the neighbors smile or be happy.

First, what I did was put some water and soap in the container. Then when Carla came we started immediately mopping the floor. We started about quarter to 5 and stop at 6:00 pm. Before that happened me and Carla were planning to do another act of kindness and that was giving some Christmas cards to our neighbors because I was telling Carla that I think mopping the floor isn’t enough of making a difference. What we put in the card was “dear neighbors, then we told them to pay it forward....then we wrote that it was from 2 Sargent park students”. We also put some treats on the card for them.

Me and Carla started doing our act of kindness December 1. We started delivering the cards in December 2 and stop at December 3.

Watch the video and it will show you a proof that we really did our active kindness.

Part 3:

Okay now that you’re done watching the video. The act of kindness that we did went really well. What happened was Carla and I got really tired when we’re done mopping the floor. But it's worth it because we help someone. My dad said that he will treat us McDonald.Well what we said was no thank you. Of course they are not supposed to pay us back they are supposed to do something nice to other people.

After doing our act of kindness I felt good that I helped someone and also nothing went wrong. We also made people smile. When Carla and me were mopping it was kind of fun. Making a difference can also be fun.

My father was really thankful to us because he doesn’t have to do a lot of work. I don’t know about how the neighbor react, probably they are very happy or glad that someone has being nice to them.

I told my dad that if I did something nice to him all that he has to do is to do something nice to others.

Part 4:

The idea “Pay it forward” is very important because that could really make a difference to everybody. People could also start doing nice things to each other. People that are poor could also have a good life. That is that reason why it’s very important to the world.

I think the act of kindness that me Carla did made a difference because there’s this lady saw us working hard; probably she’ll also start doing it to and tell everybody.

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  1. you did really well it looks like you put a lot of effert into it


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