Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 Questions from the text book.

Mr. Harbeck told me that I had to answer 3 questions that were in our Text book/Homework.

So... here it goes....

Homework Book Questions:

1. Ingrid says that she knows that 9 and 16 are perfect squares, and that 10 is not. Is she correct?Explain your thinking.

Yes, Because the prime factors of 9 and 16 repeat themselves. 9 is the product of 3x3 and 16 is the product of 2x2x2x2.10 is not a perfect square because the prime factors do not repeat themselves.

2.Alasie's local football field has an area of 1296 m2. Is 1296 a perfect square? Show your thinking.

Ex:1296=2x2x2x2x3x3x3x3. It is a perfect square because it is the product of 36x36.

3.Brandon's new game board has 225 small squares. All of the small squares from one lagre square.How many squares are along one side? Show your work.


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