Monday, December 14, 2009

Bruce's Scribepost, question 6, Dec 14.09

Hey guys,

Today Ms.U picked some of us to do a scribe on one of the questions. My question to answer was question number 6.

First leg=25cm squared
Long leg=144cm squared
Hypotenuse=169cm squared

a.Write an addition statement using the
areas of these three squares.

25cm (squared) + 144cm (squared) = 169 cm (squared)

b. What is the side length of each square?
The side length of each square is...
25cm (squared) = 5cm
144cm (squared) = 12cm
169cm (squared) = 13cm

c. Describe, using words and symbols, the
relationship between the side lengths of each square.

a (squared) + b (squared) = c (squared)
short leg + long leg = hypotenuse

That's my scribe PLEASE COMMENT


  1. Hey bruceyy great way to explain how to use the pythographic therom ?? I donk know if that is right. But good job

  2. awesome job how you explained it
    Great job:)


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