Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chantell M's Pay it Forward

Sorry for the lateness, I wasn't able to post this because my Internet was down for a bit.

Part 1:

Pay it Forward is the type of movie that gets you to think. It gets you to think about being kinder to people. Or about being more generous to those around you. Simple acts of kindness that get those you've helped to do the same. I think making an effort to change the lives of people who are perfect strangers, is noble. Helping them, and wanting nothing in return is the ultimate act of selflessness. To think of someone else's needs just because you want to, and not because you're the only on there. For someone so young to think of such an idea is remarkable! Not only is it remarkable, but profound. Getting people around the country to 'pay it forward' is something not the average person would think of. I think Trevor is a hero in his own right. It doesn't matter to me that he is a fictional character, the idea of it all is what gets to me. Also to 'pay it forward' one must go beyond the boundaries and help someone with a choice or deed that they can't make or do themselves. You don't need to be a superhero to pay it forward. All you need is the instance and the opportunity to do so. So when you can 'Pay it Forward'.

Part 2:

I paid it forward by preforming at Lion's Place, with S.P.A.C.E (Sargent Park Advanced Coral ensemble. We preformed for about 20-25 senior citezens and they loved us!

I chose this activity after being shot down with my other attempts. I tried to clean mhy street but it got too cold too fast. Brrr! It's still freezing. Where's my hat and gloves? Anyway.

S.P.A.C.E. and sang and danced for a group of elderly people. We sang various Christmas songs, and danced. My feet still hurt!

I did my act of kindness on Wednesday, December 9th. Like I said I was shot down in my other attempts. I wonder of the bullet holes are still there. *checks* Nope they're gone, all healed up.

I don't have any pictures, which sucks for me... I tried to film it and take a few pictures, but I couldn't find my USB cord to upload them.... I'm sad about that.

Part 3:

The whole thing went pretty well. We even got to do an encore! They loved it! Wait, I said that already right? Whoops...

Each time we stopped singing they clapped and I felt that they really enjoyed the songs we sang. I'm glad we took the time to put smiles on their faces. We even got cookies out of it! Not that they're the only thing I care about. They were good and I'm glad they thought we were good enough to make them happy.

I felt great! The singing and dancing was really fun and the audience really enjoyed it. I hope we can do something like this again. Hehe we even got to get out of class for it. (Um disregard that, please?)

The people reacted well. They clapped nad laughed and smiled, it was a great experience. I'm glad we made them happy.

We left before I could explain about paying it forward. I wish I could of said it though. But, I think they will pay it forward regardless. They're just awesome like that. You agree, because come on, people like that aren't selfish or greedy.

Part 4:

I think paying it forward is important, because it gets people to think of those who need help. Helping others for the sake of helping and not because you've been told to is just - just EPIC! Yeah, that's my word, not stealing.... or else... Just kidding, ot you huh? No? Darn...

I guess my act of kindness made a difference. I mean if we didn't preform I guess the senior citezen's day would have been a little bit boring. Something to make their day or lift their spirits I guess.

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