Monday, December 7, 2009

Nadine and Edmil's Pay It Forward


For me paying it forward means passing the goodness to others. When someone do something kind to you you don't give them something back, just be kind to another person.

I think the movie messages that If you believe in something you should not give up. Making a difference is possible. Even though its hard theirs a bright side to it. It was really unusual for an 11 year old boy can make a big difference like that. He didn't realize that what he did is spreading through out the country.


Our Pay it forward act of Kindness was picking up garbage around the neighborhood.

We chose this activity because for a simple work we can help the world by starting in our neighborhood. Probably it might get them to go help everyone.

We helped the people live beside us and the environment.

Me and Edmil picked up garbage in a hour around the neighborhood.

We did our act of kindness on November 29, 2009.


Our act of kindness went really well. We didn't get a lot of evidence because my camera was low battery. At the end, it was fun. I was scared because some people were looking at us weirdly.

Compared to the uncleaned side walk, it looked better. Everyone can actually see the sidewalk. And it was also fun because I get to spend time with my sister and Edmil.

I felt good, like i want to do more than that. But I didn't have any time because of my church classes.

I did not really imagine how people reacted but they were smiling at us. Probably staring at us wierdly

We didn't tell anyone to pay it forward because people weren't really talking to us. I think they were amazed at us, maybe their going to do the same.

I think they were surprised about our request because they probably didn't think that we would really do it.

Well i guess they should know what they should do to give back. We are not asking for any money we are asking for their kindness to others.


I think the idea of paying it forward is to make the world a better place for us. To get used to being kind to others.

Yes, even though we did not do a big project. It was still kind, I just hope that other people would appreciate it.


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