Thursday, December 3, 2009

Srcibepost December 3, 2009

Today in class, we did some questions from the textbook that some of us had a problem with. Then we learned how to make a good estimation of a square root. We did seventeen as an example.

First we found out that sixteen was the closest perfect square to seventeen. Sixteen has a square root of four.
We then found the next biggest perfect square. It was twenty five. It has a square root of five.

So now we know that the square root of seven is between four and five. Now what do you think is closer to seventeen, sixteen or twenty five.
The answer was sixteen. That would mean that seventeen has a square root that is close to 4. Since seventeen is one away from sixteen and we have lots of evidence, a good estimate should be four and one tenths. The square root of seventeen is really just about four and one hundred twenty three thousandths. That would mean we made a good estimate of the square root of seventeen.
Thank you for reading my scribepost for today. We also have to do pages twenty four and twenty five in our homework book for homework tonight or... since I posted this in the early morning, today before math class.


  1. good job! very well explained...the diagram you made really helps a lot

    could have higlighted the important detail


  2. gj kris on what seems like your first post :P

    thats was an awesome tutorial, anyone reading this could understand how to do it with your step by step pictures


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