Wednesday, December 9, 2009

tamika late scribepost

this is for the math book on pages 85 and 86.

Q1) what is the area of a square with each side length?

a)10 b)16

to get the answer you multiply the side length by its self.
A) - a) 100 b) 256

Q11) what is the square of each number
- a)9 - b)11

A) - a) the area would be 81 b) the area would be 121

Q17) A fridge magnet has an area of 54mm2. Is 54 a perfect square? Use prime factorization to find the answer.

A) no its not a perfect square.

okay i hope this is good enough. sorry its late.



  1. good explanation tamika.
    the diagram you made really helps a lot

  2. Hey Tamika, you made a very good scribepost I like how you posted lots of pictures and used lots of colors. I think that it would have been better if you explained how you got your answers or proved them. Overall, you did great!

  3. Well done Tamika, i think the diagram really help
    Awesome job:)


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