Monday, December 7, 2009

Nhea and Brianna's Pay it Forward 12/8/09

Part 1 -

To me Pay it forward is a powerful and depressing tale of how a child, as small and damaged as Trevor is, can make a huge change in the world just by wanting to help his mother. The part that touched my hearts of the most the story of his teachers past and the past behind the burns he wears on his skin. The fact that some parents are so messed up that they will beat their own children and then to go as far as lighting them on fire while their still alive, is horrible. Bet what I want to know is if it is really the parents fault. With Trevor’s mom and her drinking I would blame her mother and the influence that she had on her daughter. I’m happy that Trevor made the choice to help his mother stop drinking and start her life all over. With that one idea his act spread across the world. But the sad thing is that his attempt to help further cost him his life.

Part 2 -

Brianna and I volunteered at my old daycare, for a few hours after school. Brianna, Laura and I had decided on going to a soup kitchen, but our schedules never seemed to match. Then we decided to babysit for free but then, the babysitting thing didn't happen, and Laura did something different. So it ended up just being Brianna and I. I came up with the idea to volunteer at my old daycare since I was going to volunteer there in the summer anyway. We decided on this because Brianna and I love hanging out with kids, especially when the kids aren’t related to us. We helped out the staff with normal stuff like looking after the kids and cleaning the tables after snack time. We looked after the kids, Played with them, helped with crafts and helped them with their shoes, small stuff like that. We even read to them a bit. We did our act of kindness at 4:00 on Tuesday, December 8, at Busy Bee Daycare.

Part 3 -

Our act of kindness went really well. We got to do something that we like and have fun doing it. What happened was we showed up at the daycare at 4 o'clock and asked the staff what they wanted us to do. We hung out with the school aged kids for a while, but then we were sent to help out with the smaller kids. I felt great about our act of kindness we had fun and we got to do something that we plan on doing later on in life, like babysitting and family stuff. The kids didn't react differently, I think they just thought of us as older friends they could play games with. I didn't ask anyone to pay it forward because most of the kids were only 4 and under, they probably wouldn't be able to do much.

Part 4 -

The idea of Pay it forward is important because if everyone would pay it forward, people would start to realize that others cared and maybe there would even be less crime and violence.

I hope our act of kindness made a difference. We were in a little bit of a rush to finish this project and at first that's all it was, a project. But then we helped as much as we could at the daycare and it felt really good to feel like if we told them to be quiet and listen, they actually would. I hope that some -maybe all- of the kids will volunteer at the Daycare too when their older. Brianna and I also advised them all to apply to Sargent when their older!!

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