Monday, December 14, 2009

Deniel's Scribepost from Page 92 Question 15#

Hey everybody! I chose to do question 15# in the textbook in page 92 so here are my solutions!

Question 15...


Construction workers have began to dig a hole for a swimming pool. They want to check that the angle they have dug is 90°. They measure the diagonal as shown to be 9.5 m. Is the angle 90°?

Explain your reasoning!
So here are my answers.

I calculated the side lengths by squaring the numbers 6 and 8 and multiplying them by the same number I got 100.
I times 6x6=36 and 8x8=64 although adding them made it 100°. So
√100 = 10m


Another reason I have is that the angle is not a(n) right angle because since its not a perfect square because the diagonal should be 10m to be right angled. Also if it was gonna be a perfect square it should have been a 7x7 square but anyway since this question is easy comment if you want but yeah!

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! NOW hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome job Deneil:)

    good use of Colour
    you explained everything so well

    Great job


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