Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bruce's Winnipeg Harvest

Hey guys,

Mr Harbeck chose people to go and check out things that happen at Winnipeg Harvest. The people he chose from our class were me, Jomari and Tamika. Mr Harbeck also told us to write about our experience at Winnipeg Harvest.

Before we started our tour we met a man called Richard. Richard told us about all the work Winnipeg Harvest does each and everyday. Richard also told us about all the thoughtful volunteers who choose to use their time helping people at Winnipeg Harvest. After all the talking
we started our tour, we met a few volunteers(can't remember their names), they told us about what they do at Winnipeg Harvest. We eventually got an assignment on stacking potatoes, our goal was to beat our group's weight(can't remember weight). We stacked 1100 pounds of potatoes and 60 or so pounds of onions. We unloaded 3 big crates of potatoes and half a crate of onions which came to 1100 pounds of potatoes and 60 pounds of onions.

After all that stacking, we went into the main room and had some hot chocolate and some other snacks. Richard came in and told us what a wonderful job we had done. He also told us some jokes, one of those jokes were Whats the difference between boogers and broccoli(children eat boogers). He told us that all the potatoes we had stacked will help 110 families. He told us that his dream was seeing the Harvest close, because when it closes it means that there would be no more hungry people. Richard thanked us for our help and we were on our way back to school.

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