Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pay it forward

The concept of pay it forward is about making the world a better place . you can't do it all , so you help a person and they will help three more people each and so on . By helping just three people you can change the world. It's not even about a act of kindness that will spread . What they do will spread.

For my pay it forward I helped my elderly grandmother with those Christmas decorations of hers. I did it because there is dogs and cats in her house always running around and nobody helps her with her stuff. I was going to rake her leaves and pick up dog leavings but it snowed the same day (November 26).

It went pretty well except for the part when her foster son starting chucking snowballs at the Christmas lights I was putting up.( Like I said no one to help ). I felt pretty good after all this like I always do after good honest work. I didn't ask her to pay it forward because she already helps putting out clothes for people in a organization called "sharing and caring".

I think what I did was pretty important because I put in a little hope into her heart that there is a litle kindness out there. It always feels good for me to do work, but this time it actully ment something.

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