Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nhea's Scribepost 12/3/09

Today in class we worked on the foldable, with;

estimating square roots

And just because this post doesn't seem long enough..... Text book work......

9) a)100 square units b)256 square units
11) a)81 b)12117)54=2x3x3x3; 54 isn't a perfect square 'cause it has an odd number of factors of 2 and 3
21)a)56m b)7 by 8 c) No, because the side lenth isn't a whole number.


  1. Good job on giving us pictures, and I also like how you told us how our homework book was for homework. Good job!

  2. Good Job Nhea! Like your pictures and you also used different colors.

  3. Good job Nhea..the picture you made looks good, but could have explain more of how we did on estimating square roots and explain how you got your answers

  4. gj nhea the first picture was abit blurry but still good

    you could have explained how you got the answers more and what was in the pictures

  5. Good Job Nhea! The first picture you had made was blurry but the other pictures are really well done! Yeah Like Ronny said, you could had have explained what are you telling us about these diagrams. Anyways GREAT JOB!


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