Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today in class we had to answer the following questions.

1. Order the the following numbers from least to greatest.
7 , the square root of 46 , 5.8 , the square root of 27, and 6.3.
First you have to figure out the square root of 46 and 27. The square root of 46 is 6.7 and 27 is 5.1.
The order is square root of 27 ,5.8 , 6.3 ,square root of 46 and 7.

2. Maria or whatever her name was just finished her painting and is planning to buy a frame for it. The painting is 45 cm2.
a. What are the dimensions for the painting.
first find the square root of 45 which is 6.7. So the answer is 6.7x6.7 cm is the dimensions.

3. Arrons parents found a rug they really like, so they buy it but it is twice as big as the living room floor. so they plan to cut it.What they need to know is how big the carpet is. The measurement told them that the side length is 4m so the area is 16m2. So if they needed to cut rug they need to know by how much. So they divide the area by 2 and get 8 . They need the square root of the area. If you know what I'm talking about leave a comment telling me so. The square root of the rug is 2.8m. So the rug needs to be 2.8x 2.8m2.

Stuff like this is going to be on our test, and the pages on our homework book and text book page 114 questions1,2,3,5,7 and 10.Study hard.

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