Friday, December 11, 2009

Chantell M's Scribepost

This is pretty late, but here it is. A scribepost for square roots.

Question 5(page 28):

Estimate the square root to one decimal place. Show you work. Check your answer with a calculator.

a) Square root of 17
Estimate: 4.2
Actual answer: 4.123105626
Rounded answer: 4.2
b) Square root of 85
Estimate: 9.4
Actual answer: 9.219544457
Rounded answer: 9.2

Question 8 (page 29):

Braden's new game board has 225 small squares. All of the small squares form one large square. How many small squares are along one side? Show your work.

The square root of 225 is 15. 15x15=225. 15 small squares are along the side.

Question 9(page 29):

Chelsea's square garden has an area of 60 m squared.

a) Estimate to one decimal place the side length of the garden.
Esimate: 7.9
Actual answer: 7.745966692
Rounded answer: 7.7

b) She has 32 m of fencing to go around the garden. Does she have enough fencing? Explain you thinking.
Yes, she has enough fencing. If each side is 7.7 m, multiply that by four(square garden) you get 30.8 which is less tahn 32.

I hope 3 questions was enought to occupy your time, if not that's not my problem. If your boreb play a game or something or draw, read i don't care just go! Ah, you're still here huh? Da~rn it.

I guess this it then..... leave when you want. Just remember to lock the door on your way out of here....

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