Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jennifer's Pay It Forward

Hello Everyone!
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Part 1
"Pay It Forward" what it means to me is like an emotional roller coaster. Going through the tough times, the sad times, the happy times, and the harsh times. I've even felt so sorry for that boy. Trevor because he got stabbed at the end of the movie. But he made a difference right? At first, his idea on how to connect the world is by teaching 3 people to Pay it Forward. Then the 3 people he teaches with teach 3 more people. Eventually the world will know! But the people he wanted to teach I think bailed on him. I've also realized that in the movie, there were a lot of kindness going on and at some point, they can make a difference also! The movie also makes me feel that I should do something nice to the homeless people. Like giving them food, or shelter. Another thing I can do is like donate money to the poor people so they can use the money to get something they need. So making a difference is such a very nice thing to do!

Part 2
My Pay It Forward act of kindness was to "Volunteer to Babysit For Free"
The reason why I choose this activity is because I love to play around with the younger kids. (Especially with babies or toddlers) It's also because that it hasn't been awhile since I'd had a baby sitting job. Who I've helped was my neighbour also my auntie named Loan to babysit her 2 year old son named Cleo. I've did this baby sitting job on December 5, 2009.

Part 3
My act of kindness was a success! What happened was that when I was baby sitting Cleo at my home, I had a few lists of things I had to do. One of them was that I have to play with him until it was around 7:30pm. That's when I'd had to feed him with Milk. The last thing I had to do after that is to play with him again and put him to sleep by 9:30. Do you know what's the most funniest yet the most funnest part when I was playing with him with his awesome Mega Blocks, for some reason, no matter how many times I keep trying to build a tower, he keeps on breaking it down! Cleo was also a sneaky and smart kid. You want to know why? It's because Cleo tries to hide the toys for some unknown reason. His best place for hiding toys away was the speaker hole. Even one time he hid a ball the same size of the speaker hole he hides in. It was really hard on getting it out! I even have to use like those small soup spoons just to get them out. How did I feel on doing this activity? Well I felt great! It was really fun taking care of a younger child. It reminds me of my younger self in fact. Anyways at the end, my auntie came to my house to pick up Cleo. She was very proud of me that I did a good job! I've also did ask her about "Pay It Forward" she seems very interested about it. I've told her more about it an she feels "Inspired" about it. I'd wish if she can make a difference thanks to me!

Part 4
The reason why the idea of "Pay It Forward" important is because it's a good way to spread the message to people to do something nice for a change then being selfish. I think my act of kindness starts small at first, but I hope that everyone gets to learn to PAY IT FORWARD!

Thanks For Reading Folks!

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  1. Good job on your pay it forward, very descriptive.


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