Friday, December 4, 2009


What Do You Know About Squares And Rectangles?

-All sides are not equal

-But a rectangle can't be a square
Square sides are all the same and equal
-Rectangle only the length are the same and the width are the same

-Perimeter is the space around an object or a shape

-Area is the space that is inside a shape or an object

How Do We Get Area ?

We follow a simple step to find area :
A=l x w x h

e.g. A rectangle has the length of 4 , width of 5 , and height of 8. What is the area?

# Tiles Is It A Perfect Square Or No ?
1= yes

2= no
3= no
4= yes

Thanks for Reading! =P


  1. good job edmil, you explained it well, people will understand this

    i think you forgot to put squared

  2. Nice Job Edmil! But isn't the formula for area is Length times width? The one your explaining is for volume. Anyways you had explained the other parts very well!

  3. i think rectangle can be a square...and to find the are of a rectangle is A=l x w...if your finding the area of a square you only need one side of square measurement then multiply it by 4 sides

    good job though


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