Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brianna and Nhea's Pay it Forward

Part 1 -
The movie was very sad and touching, one eleven year old boy made a deference. In the beginning it all starts out as a Social Studies project that turns into a world wide movement. To me this one boy had an amazing impact on the people around him. All he did was was feed a homeless man, then that man stopped a women from throwing away her life and from there more people were inspired to help and be kind to one another. In the end the boy, Trevor, was killed for trying to help someone in trouble. In my opinion he went about it the wrong way because instead of involving himself in the fight he could have spoken to the boys or told an adult what was happening. If he tried any of these solutions he might not have died. But over all this movie inspired me to be be kind to people and help them, I think I might even try donating to a charity once in a while. This movie had a very powerful and effective message, the more people that watch it, the more people will be inspired to help out.

Part 2 -
Nhea and I helped kids and adults at Busy Bee Daycare, where Nhea grew up at.
We chose this activity because we like working with kids, and because that's where pretty much grew up and I got to know all the adults and kids. One girl even got really attached to me. I helped the adults clean the tables after snack time, I helped the big kids with their beading, and the little kids their reading. I jocked around with the kids and got to know some of the kids and adults. Today at 4:oo, December 8, 2009.

Part 3
How did your act of kindness go? The volunteering was really fun and very entertaining. Nhea and I got to know the kids better, and one of the staff members, Jerry, told us a whole bunch of jokes. I felt pretty at home because the adults were friendly and the kids were happy to see us. Cathrine, one of the staff members was very friendly and I became slightly attached to her because we talked like we were the best of friends, in my opinion she was pretty cool. The daycare manager, Donna, had a motherly personality, I say this because even though she was strict, she was still kind and warm hearted. Everyone there made me feel warm and welcome I felt very comfortable. The adults seemed very appreciative of our help and the kids were happy to have us around. No, i didn't because they were young and i don't think they would really understand.

Part 4-
I think pay it forward is important because if you help one person then, they may help another person and so the helping chain begins, this shows the importance of helping others. I believe that it made a difference to the kids because we showed them right from wrong, and I hope that it will make them better people in the future.

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