Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elizabeth , PAY IT FORWARD

PART 1 .This was suppose a helping, act of kindness project. About ' Pay it Forward ' is started about one boy name Trevor How can he change the world? the answer is doing pay it forward the hard thing for one boy helping for three people I 'll show you

see do you believe me this is the tree of the Pay it forward.

The Boy really came up with this tree and did it doing with only three people and more.

Part 2. The part I did is helping my grandma or nanay doing some gift wrappings I did to cut wrapping paper more & more & more. so this me with my grandma.

I wanted to do this because I felt wanting to help her that I might think her fingers are tired to feeling sore that 's all. This was today and but I felt doing the right thing.

Part 3. I felt great doing this ' Pay it forward'. I feel nobody but just helping other people, because doing your self doesn't count it's only the city, province, country,continent, whole world and the earth. That counts

Doing this I did not ask, I just helped.
If I did not ask person and do 'Pay it forward and why?

because that person needed help doing presents . The second person was just handing the presents that was going to be wrapped. So I helped my grandma to cut the paper of the presents.

Final part.

Pay it forward was the Biggest risk that a person will make, it's a big world but a little living thing trying to save the world. This was act of kindness, help and volunteering kind of project for this person. e.g Is a man going to save a girl from a stranger is going to rape or that women is trying to food to the hungry/ homeless that a big risk. By doing it four days or one day. All i'm saying is do it now be in someone shoes . PAY IT FORWARD.


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