Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Telisa's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is the name of a movie we watched, in this movie a child tries to help someone else and make their life better, even thought he fails it eventually gets out and spreads. This started out as a school assignment but turned into so much more.
What we were asked to do is to help someone else without having it benifit ourselves and then do a write up for it. What you can do to help someone doesn't have to be complicated... even the smallest thing can make a difference.

What did you choose to do for this activity ?
What I chose to do for my pay it forward was " Babysit for free ".
Why did you choose to do this ?
Because its the holidays and most parents need to go shopping for presents i thought that they would need someone to watch after their children, a plus would also be that they would get to keep the money they would usually nedd to pay the babysitter.
Who I helped ?
I Helped some people who live near my mother because I am familliar with both the place and people, they would be more comfortable with having someone they trust to watch their kids and alot of them cannot afford to hire someone.

What I did ?
I babysat children ages 2 - 7.

When I did this act of kindness ?
I did this during the two weeks we had to complete this assignment, at any time I was needed.

These are some pictures of the kids that I babysat as well as myself.

These were the only pictures I was able to get do to the fact that some of the families would prefere their privacy.
How did your act of kindness go ?
It went well, most of the kids were well behaved and the parents were nice.
What happened ?
I couldn't make pancakes like the some of them wanted but other then that everything went relatively well.
How did you feel ?
It felt nice to do something that helps someone else especially if they need it.
How did they react ?
They were somewhat surprised but other then that they were thankful.
Did you ask the person or people to " Pay It Forward " ?
Yes, I did.
How did they react to your request ?
Some of the people I asked said that they would participate by helping someone else.
Why is the idea of Pay It Forward important ?
I think that it is important because everyone has thought of themeselves as better then anyone else at some point or another, this teaches people that the world isn't as perfect as it seems and even the smallest show of selflessness can make a huge difference.
Has your act of kindness made a difference ?
I dont know if it made a difference, but I hope that it did and that the people I helped have an even better holiday then they thought they would.
Questions : Blue
Answers : Purple
Other notes : Black


  1. uhh telisa its "consideration" not "consiteration"
    and yes i will pay it forward


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