Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brendan8-16 Scribepost

heeeeeeeeeeey guys!

Today in math class Mr. Harbeck called out people's name's who haven't done a post yet. U
nfortunately I was one of them. So, we had to pick 3 questions for either our math homework book or the text book . I chose the homework book..

6. Write out the perfect square root immediately before and after the whole number , and then estimate the square root of the whole number to one decimal place . Check your estimates with a calculator.

Sorry if it's too burly.

7. Martina's painting is on a square canvas with an area of 45 cm2. She needs to buy a frame for the painting. Estimate the square's side length to one decimal place. Show your work .
8. Braden's new game board has 225 small squares. all of the small squares form one large square. How many small square are along one side ? Show your work .


  1. good job Brendan..
    good showing of how you got your answers


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