Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chantel`s Pay It Forward

Hey guys,

Part 1:

In the movie, Trevor's teacher gave them an assignment "pay it forward" to do in Social Studies. Trevor was trying to make a difference by helping 3 people, then those 3 people help 3 others. It also meant try not to think of yourself all the time and get into someone else's shoes and help the ones in need.

Part 2:

My act of kindness was to watch my brother.

I chose it because when I usually don't watch him becuse he's usually with his friends.

I helped my mom so she can go where ever she wants to go.

I did this on Sunday after my hockey practice.

Part 3:

I did this at my house because my brother and I couldn't go anywhere.

What happend was, on Saturday December 5th my mom asked me if I would watch Noah for $10 an hour and she was gone for 5 1/2 hours. She came back and said "heres your money." But I didn't take it.

I did not tell my mom to pay it forward,

Part 4:

The idea "Pay it Forward" is important because if you help someone, they just might help someone they know and keep going on in a cycle.

My act of kindness probably has made a difference. My brother wants to watch my little cousin, but he is too young to watch little kids.

sorry my pictures couldn't upload. =(

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