Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tamika and Monica's Pay It Forward

Part 1

I think this movie is very inspiring to young people. It shows you how one person CAN make a difference. It would be hard to go through some of the stuff that Trever went through. It shows you that you can still do anything you put your heart to; even if you don't have lots of support or a good environment to live in. In a way it makes me want to change someone's life and to help others. But I still feel like I can't change anything and I don't even know how. I know that the one boy made a difference, but I don't think I can. If we have to do a project on this movie I might try to raise money for the Humane Society or get food for the Winnipeg Harvest. If I do that it still only helps a couple of people, it doesn't change anything or make other people change. I really liked "Pay it forward", it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would just be a boring movie about how some kid went to school that was "stupid" and turned out being smart. BUT it was MUCH better and I didn't want to stop watching. Even in the end I was crying because of what that little boy did. Actually I want to find this movie and hopefully buy it.

Part 2

Our act of kindness was donating food, clothing and money to Winnipeg Harvest. And collecting toys for the Children's Hospital.

We chose this because we knew that there are a lot of people without food and we like helping kids.

We ended up just helping the Winnipeg Harvest.

We gave the Winnipeg Harvest food and toys.

We had signs up at our parents' works if they could help to donate. We had those signs up for a week. Then we gave the donations to the Winnipeg Harvest on Tuesday.

Part 3

I think our act of kindness went okay. We wanted to collect more, but we didn't have enough time. Also we couldn't go to the Children's Hospital, I'm not sure why, but we weren't allowed to.

It wasn't that exciting. We just brought the donations to Winnipeg Harvest, I explained what we were doing, took a couple of pictures and that's about it.

I felt happy that we were helping people because the lady there was saying that they hadn't got that many donations in a while. I also felt disappointed that we didn't get that much stuff. I was also surprised because the lady said all the food we brought in weighed 25 pounds.

The lady was very grateful that we brought stuff in and she said it was a big help.

I told the lady that was working there about the "pay it forward" and she said it was a good idea. It looked like she was interested in what I was saying and she might want to "pay it forward", too.

Part 4

I think "pay it forward" is important because we need to help people and make more peace in the world. Also there are a lot of people that need help and we're able to help them, so we should.

I think that what we did, did make a difference or will make a difference. Like I said earlier, the lady said it helped a lot because there haven't been too many donations. And she was saying that 25 pounds of food goes a long way.


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