Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edmil's Scribepost, December 1, 2009

I was assigned to do the scribepost.

On our foldable we did the fraction signs and the decimals and for the square root section we learned more about square root. We learned how to find the square root of the number.

Square Roots
- side measure of a square-
- the number I can square to get the area of a square

We also got our Square Quiz back and some papers have this:

E- Excellent

M- Needs some revision or expansion

R- Needs revision

F- Fragmentary. Insubstantial attempt made.

Homework: If you have any M, R, or F you have to improve your answer on that Question Number. You need to use anything that is different than what you used on the quiz.

Sorry if there is not enough information.


  1. Goodjob! I think you did it very well.

  2. Good job on giving us the definition of square root. I also like how you gave us the meanig of the E,M,R,F parts we got. What you could have done better was give an example of a square root.Overall good job!

  3. Awesome job Edmil, you could've made a picture of what we did on our foldable it would've been way easier to explain, but great job.

  4. would be better if you could exlpained more about what we did on our foldable like telling us how to get the fraction and decimal of a square..good job anyways

  5. Good job Edmil. You explained everything well and it is good that you put a bit of square roots. You could have put a picture about the foldible or something explaining it better.

  6. Good Job Edmil! Like Althea had said, you could had told like how to get the fraction or the decimal of a square. But you did a good job on explaining on the rest of the work we had done in class. So GOOD JOB!:]

  7. Hey Edmil, you made a very good scribepost! I like how you used lots of pictures and colors but it was kind of short. Overall you did a very good job!

  8. good job edmil you did a good job I know it was kinda short but you used the great use of color on the information and could have had a picture to represent it or talk alittle more about it

  9. good job edmil, you could have shown a picture to help us see what exactly E or M is


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