Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Warren scared the aliens away from earth.

Alien Story
These aliens came to Earth and told me that they were going to destroy my home planet. Then I begged and asked if there was anything I could do to save earth. They said " if you can solve these 3 questions on proportion we will consider not to destroy earth.
Question 1) They thought they were smart pfft

Determine the unit rate .
A) three rolls for 99 c .

Yes I got that one right so they gave me one more.

Question 2)

B) Seven identical objects have a mass of 14 kg.

Another one right. They were impressed so the last question they game me was their unsolved only question.

The final and last question to save earth from the earth.

Determine the Unit rate

a) two pens cost 94 cents.

That question was the easiest one of all. They were scared of how smart I was that they left as quick as I can blink my eyes.

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