Monday, November 2, 2009

%%%%%'s Rate Growing Post

Part 1

Ratio is the comparison between two numbers with the same unit.
Rate is a comparison of two quantities measured in different units.

-rate is different then a ratio because it's comparing the amounts in different units.

6. Gina earns $78.00 for working 6 h. Asad makes $192.50 after working 14 h. Determine each person’s unit rate of pay. Who has a greater hourly rate of pay?

-Asad has a better hourly pay because he has $13.7 per/h.

14. Conversion rates among currencies vary from day to day. The numbers in the table give the value in foreign currency of one Canadian dollar on one particular day.

a.)What was the value of $600 Canadian
in euros?
- 600 x o.6940 = 416.4 dollars
b) What was the value of $375 Canadian
in U.S. dollars?
-375 x 0.8857 = 332.14 dollars
c) What was the value of $450 Canadian
in Australian dollars?
-450 x 1.1527 = 518.71 dollars

If there were 6 jars and theres 400 dollars in it?. how many coins are in 1 jar?

400/6= 66.67 dollars

Part 2

1.)What would the recipe look like if it had to serve 10 people? Show your calculations.
3.75 lbs ground beef
2.5 medium onion diced
2.5 celery finely sliced
2.5 cloves of garlic
35 oz can of tomatoes chopped
3.75 can of tomato paste
2.5 tsp parsley
3.76 tsp basil
2.5 tsp oregano
2.5 tsp sugar
1.25 tsp Worchester Sauce
1.25 tsp Seasoning Salt
2.5 Bay Leaf

2) What would the recipe look like if you had to only serve 1 person? Show your calculations.
0.375 lbs ground beef
0.25 medium onion diced
0.25 celery finely sliced
0.25 cloves of garlic
3.5 oz can of tomatoes chopped
0.375 can of tomato paste
0.25 tsp parsley
0.376 tsp basil
0.25 tsp oregano
0.25 tsp sugar
0.125 tsp Worchestershire Sauce
0.125 tsp Seasoning Salt
0.25 Bay Leaf


  1. Very well done, I liked how you showed your work for the first problem. It shows not only do you know what the answer is but how to explain yourself too!
    Shelby Mackey


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