Sunday, November 29, 2009

danielle graphing [bob]

Three things I now know about graphing

The first thing is that there are different types of graphs
eg. circle graph, bar garph, double bar graph, pictograph, and line graph.

the second thing about graphs are that they are used to represent data in a way you'll understand.

the third thing is that there's allway's something that tells you what the graph is about.

what I need to improve on:
I need to improve on remembering the y-axis and the x-axis.

sorry that this is so late but can you please comment


  1. My gosh that's a really late post Danielle! At least you got the work done right? Anywho, good job on explaining!

  2. good job! explaining this... could add a diagram to show that you really know them..

  3. haha ! yeaah its a little late but its really good. good job keep it up.


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