Monday, November 30, 2009

Jennifer's ScribePost :]

Hello Everyone! Today we had a math quiz today and I think I did really bad on the test! T.T. Anyways after the math test we added some stuff to our fold able. So here is a diagram of what we add in our squares section on the green side.

As you can see, we drew a number line. For every each perfect square, we had to put a square around the number all the way up to 25. We also filled out the side length for each of the perfect squares (Which is very easy to answer) Okay now moving on.. Ms. Usisken also showed us a pattern about those squares. Here's a diagram that will help you explain everything!

As you can see, I putted a black square on every perfect square. And I putted red squares between the numbers between the perfect squares. Now do you see a pattern that is going on? The not perfect squares grows by 2 each time! There is another pattern also! I will show you in the next diagram.

So for this diagram, I putted a black square for the perfect squares. But, instead of putting boxes for this picture, I putted dashes! So this is our next pattern called "Squares between perfect squares" This diagram is also similar to the other diagram but it's using spaces! There is one more thing I need to show you. So here's the diagram;

Since I didn't remember why Ms. Usisken drew this picture but this is the key on finishing the your homework! Also she gave us a few examples on fractions and decimals. So look at the diagram one. Just pretend it's filled with those fractions. For example, 2 as a fraction, it would be one and one-third. As a decimal, it would be 1.33. See what I mean? If you don't get it please comment on what I confuse you.

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  1. Hey Jennifer, you made a very good scribepost! I liked how you used lots of colors,highlighted the important words, and posted some pictures. Overall, you did a very good job!

  2. You did a great job Jennifer, i liked the different colours you used and you pictures were awsome.

  3. Good job on really showing what we did in class. I also like how you gave examples,lastly I like the touch of music at the end. Good job Jen!


    you explained it really well...and the diagram you made looks good and it really helps everybnody also looks like you really worked hard on it


  5. nice jennifer, the squares highlighted the patterns much more clearly


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