Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alexs scribepost, Nov. 25/09

Today in class, we added to our big yellow paper.
for example, we had tho squares added together to make one big square but to do that we had to cut up 4 little squares into a whole bunch of pieces and put the pieces so that they fit around the big square you already made.
Today we added two more small squares to the big square to make one really big square and it should look like this.

Today we added the two other squares so now it should look like this.

Now that we got all of the smaller squares put into one big square, we can now make the chart about the side length and the area for all of the squares which would look like

So that is basically all we did in class today so now onto the homework for tonight.
You can make 20 perfect squares with 4 squares because the smallest perfect square is 1x1 and the largest perfect square is 20x20 and there is every thing inbetween.
The approximate side length for 2 squares is 14 little squares, for 3 squares it is 17 little squares, and for 4 squares it is 20 little squares


  1. Great job Alex!
    You showed us what we did in class and in the foldable. You even put pictures to explain it even better.
    Once again great job!

  2. Good job Alex !
    I like the pictures it explained everything very well ! :)

  3. Good JoB ^U^ except for the the picture I couldn't see it's all blury but again Good job ^>^

  4. wow , impressive , the pictures i could tell you tried hard on, they really helped with your presentation

  5. g`job alex ,
    liked the way yu explained things. VERY WELL DONE ! (:

  6. Good job Alex ! I liked how you made pictures and how you explained your work really well .

  7. Awesome job Alex

    Great job with the picture. I like how you explained everything. Anyways great job

  8. Hey Alex, you made a good scribepost! I like how you used lots of pictures but you should have made the more important words stand out. Overall you did very good!

  9. good job alex ! your post is very well explained and the picture you made looks really work hard on it


  10. Nice Job Alex! You had explained it very well! I'd also liked the pictures as well!

  11. Good job Alex! The pictures really helped! :)

  12. Good job Alex You explained it very well!!


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