Thursday, November 26, 2009

how I used proportions to save the earth

Aliens are invading the earth!

If i don't do 3 questions from the textbook they will blow up the earth. AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The questions i'm doing are from pages 67, and 68

#4 Determine the unit rate.

A] 3 dinner rolls costs 99 cents

99 / 3 = 33

Answer: 33cents/roll

B] 7 identical objects have a mass of 14kg

7 / 14 = 2

Answer: 2kg/object

#8. Determine the missing value.

A] 2\3 = 10/15



  1. good job! it was very good but maby explain it more and some colour but other then that great job!!!

  2. nice job!

    you answered it really well...but i don't think you finished the question no. 8

    well good job anyways

  3. Good Job Danielle! Like Althea had said you have answer the questions really well but, you didn't finish all the questions. Anyways Good Job! =)


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