Sunday, November 29, 2009

Parts of the a Square.

About these Squares, they tell us that if it is a perfect square or not a perfect square like
e.g 9 is a perfect square it is a product of the same 2 numbers which is three x three = 9
Maybe, prime numbers almost can be square but that only can be divided by even numbders. not odd numbers.
So, Mr. Backe just told something we learned before Square roots not squares with roots under them with... um how about I show you :

It means that a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given value is the square root.
the picture you are seeing is the Square root 4 of 2
so it is 2 squared (2) that equals to 4
so please comment what I did good or what I did bad or what I am missing PLEASE COMMENT >.<


  1. Good job Elizabeth! Nice explaining. :)

  2. Good job ! you explained your work really well .

  3. I liked your scribepost! I like how you posted a picture and that you highlighted the important words but you should have used better grammar. Good job overall!

  4. nice job elizabeth. nice explaining on what square roots means ! . good job !

  5. I like how you explained what a square root is and how you gave us an example. I also like how you made the importatnts words bigger. What you could have done was give the important words color to. Well done though!


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