Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I stopped an alien invasion using Proportion (ASHAMS POST)

How I stopped an Alien invasion using proportions

1st Question I chose - Q5 pg 67

5. What is the unit rate for each?
a)Two pens cost 94¢

b)Four blocks stacked one on top of the other are 24cm high

2nd Question I chose - Q13 Pg 68

13.Two quarters have the same value as ten
nickels. What is the value of five quarters
in nickels?

Answer: 1 quarter = 5 nickels because
2 ÷ 10 = 5 so if 2 quarters is 10 nickels, 1 quarter would be 5 nickels.

3rd Question I chose - Q28 Pg 69

The dosage of a certain medicine for a
child is 2.5 mL for each 3 kg mass of the
child. What is the dose, in millilitres, for a
child with a mass of 16.5 kg?

Answer: 2.5mL ÷ 1000mL = 0.0025mm

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