Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jecelyn's Scribepost

Well today we were using blocks from graph paper to make squares bigger.

First we started with a 8X10 square and added a 2X10 together so we got 10X10
The we started to add more squares.

Here is a table to help you understand

Sorry if u can't see it well.

The dimensions are 1x1
so then each cube equals 0.1

To get the other area of the square that is getting bigger we just added more blocks on the sides. Like we added another 2X10 but at the corner we added another 2X2. On my square I added 4= 2X10 and 4=2X2. But here is the thing. I was left with another 2X2. I couldn't add it on cause it wouldnt be a perfect square anymore so here is the homework.

Why are 4 squares left over?

Well you guys hope you enjoyed and please comment cause we all know that 8-16 is the best commenting room!!!!!!


  1. Nice Job Jecelyn! I liked how you used pictures to descibe along with your scribe post! Awesome Job Jecelyn again!

  2. good job ! I liked how you took pictures of your square thing and explained how you got your answer .

  3. good job!

    your post is very well done because you explained everything well...could added more colour to make important part stand out


  4. Great Job Jeceleyn I really liked how you displayed everything!!

  5. good job , its good that u took a picture instead of drawing, because it might have ended up messy like mine.

  6. Good job on taking pictures on what we did today,and explaining what you did to get your answer.I also liked how you showed us the table we used and how you told us what our homework was. The post was well done1

  7. well done! Jecelyn

    your post is very good
    you explain it really well

    good job

  8. Hey Jecelyn, you made a good post! I like how you posted lots of pictures but you should have highlighted the important parts. Overall you did great!

  9. jecelyn, yu did a good job. your post is very good. i liked how yu explained it .

  10. Good job Jecelyn!! Your explained things really well to me .. One thing you could of done is make the one picture a bit bigger . GOOD JOB AGAIN!


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