Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

okay.. aliens are trying to rule our planet but we need to stop them. So they challenged me by solving all this problems and showing all my work.

6. Delia was paid $35 for 5 h of babysitting. How much should she receive for 3 h? Use a unit rate to find the answer

14.Last night 30 cm of snow fell in 6 h. If it continues snowing at the same rate, how long will it take for 45 cm of snow to fall? Determine the answer two different ways.

13) Two quarters have the same value as 10 nickels. What is the value of five quarters in nickels?

Apparently, we won because they cheated. They looked at the back of the book. 0_0



  1. good job!!

    i think you answered it right
    ggood job showing how you got your answers

  2. Good Job Nadine! Questions and answers are very well explain and, a funny Conclusion! :]


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